The day before Frontmania Conference 2022, we’ll host in cooperation with Rabobank a deep dive workshop in the world of algorithms by Kyle Simpson.

Pricing & Deals

These sorts of deep dive workshops with expert leaders normally cost a fortune to attend, but with the help of Rabobank this Pre-Conference workshop pricing is set at a mere €99,95. Furthermore, we have a special deal for when you join this Pre-Conference workshop AND Frontmania Conference 2022.

For just €199,95 you get access to both the Pre-Conference on October 4th and the Frontmania Conference on October 5th, instead of €270,-.

General Info

Location: Reshift Digital
Address: Nijverheidsweg 18, Haarlem (The Netherlands)
Date & Time : 04-10-2022, 09:00-17:00
Price: €99,95 (including lunch)

Workshop: Thinking & Coding Algorithms

If you don’t already have a solid computer science background, most of the typical algorithms used in industry-wide job interviews can be intimidating. Moreover, even experienced engineers sometimes struggle to apply proper algorithmic thinking in their production code. This workshop starts at a basic problem/solution, and layers up to complex algorithms for a variety of challenging tasks. Whether attendees have computer science education or not, they will leave this workshop with practical algorithms knowledge, prepared to tackle problems by first thinking algorithmically and then translating that into efficient code.


1. Learn how “Big O” classification impacts both computation time and memory usage (and the tradeoffs)

2. Explore how data structures (classic and custom) shaped to the nature of the problem lay the groundwork for better algorithms

3. Learn basic techniques for benchmarking computation time and memory usage

Attendees: Mid-to-senior level software developers (JavaScript)

Pre-requisites: 18+ months of experience in JS. Attendees code along with presenter, so must have a comfortable basic dev environment (editor, browser, git).

Workshop leader: Kyle Simpson – Accomplished writer, trainer, speaker and much more

Kyle Simpson is a Human-Centric Technologist. His mission is to show the world that the culture of empathy and relational information exchange are keys to unlocking the full potential of every human in the workplace. JS and open web technologies are among Kyle’s favorite tools to augment human endeavors. Kyle has published 11+ books on JS, taught thousands of developers from teams around the world, and his training videos have been watched over 800,000 hours. He’s always fighting for the people behind the pixels.