Frontmania Conference 2024 is for and by frontend developers. Expect the hottest topics deliverd by the greatest, most knowledgeable speakers. You will deep dive in the world of frontend. Ending up with hands-on knowledge which can be applied the very next day! 

Our attendees will encounter tested and new possibilities of improving and speeding up frontend development, implementation and management. It will enable you to discuss and dive deep in frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, a wide variety of frameworks, web development,  ommunicating between the front- and backend and much more. These will be represented in the toppics suc as: Quality & testing, Generative AI, AI, Framework & Styling, Test Automation, code improvement en Culture 

Our goal is to share all available knowledge, ideas and know-how concerning the newest Frontend Technologies and innovations by staying on the cutting edge of both design and technology. 

Over 600 frontend developers, architects, managers, consultants and other frontend IT specialists (aka Frontmaniacs) will join Frontmania Conference 2024. So it’s the ideal place to get to know and reconnect with like-minded people

➼ Exhibition floor hosting multiple innovative companies showcasing cool projects.

➼ Deep dive sessions, workshops & keynotes by (inter)national expert speakers.

➼ 600+ Frontmaniacs to have an awesome day with while extending your knowlegde.



Reshift Digital is responsible for the organization of the conference, under the auspices of the Frontmania Foundation. We are a group of people who are crazy about frontend development a.k.a. Frontend Maniacs. We as a community believe that frontend development should be fun for everyone! Therefore, we see the conference as a community event and a great opportunity to meet and learn from brilliant people. That’s why we try to keep the ticket prices as low as possible to host an event that is affordable & meaningful for everyone.