What is Frontmania Foundation?

FrontMania Foundation is a group of people who are crazy about frontend development a.k.a. frontend maniacs. We as a community believe that frontend development should be fun for everyone!

The Dutch frontend foundation Frontmania unites software developers, application architects, mediadevelopers, IT-managers, students and all its businesspartners who have an interest in frontend technologies.

The Goal of the foundation is:

1. Upholding the interest of all frontend developers.

2. Spreading knowledge concerning frontend software, infrastructure and related technologies. 

3. Stimulate the application of proper frontend development in professional environments, for example at businesses, (educational) organisations and the government.

4. Improve the contact between professional frontend developers and the companies that use frontend software, nationally and internationally.  

We will reach these goals by:

1. Regulary organising independent, technical conferences for its members, where (business & educational) partners can present themselves.

2. Stimulate, initiate and organise themed meetups.

3. Inform our members of the latest frontend news via different media such digital newsletters and social media accounts.

4. Reach out to and maintain contact with national and international organisations who have similar interests.

5. Build and maintain contact with frontend technology suppliers, that are considered to be of an interest to our members.

The current board of FrontMania consists of:

Randy Daal

Mathijs de Groot

Stijn van de Blankevoort

Alwin Captijn

Anthony Moendir

Ramin Mohammadi