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Supercharging app development with Storybook
Building apps is fun, but it can also be cumbersome. Who likes to waste 10 minutes getting to the VPN, spinning up docker instances and running the application just so that they can develop an icon component? This is where Storybook comes in.

Yann Braga is a Frontend Engineer at Frontmen. He is an open source enthusiast and loves to share knowledge, always trying to help in communities. He is a core contributor at Storybook.

Build journeys on the web like in the real world
People using the web are on a journey, with each of their actions composing one step in what would preferably be a continuous flow. And just like in the real world, they can be interrupted by delays, distracted from their tasks, and led to make errors. These events, sequentially, can lead to reduced satisfaction and abandonment of a site or the whole journey. In both cases, removing obstacles and interruptions is the key to a smooth journey and a happy client. Let’s discover how we can build seamless experiences on the web to prevent users from being tripped up.

Önder is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and he has been working on building web and mobile apps in various development ecosystems since the late 90s. JavaScript and web tech have always been his passion and nowadays he enjoys it at its full while leading LINKIT’s JavaScript squad. He believes in teamwork and he shares his knowledge on ITNEXT and GDG-NL communities as an author, co-organizer and speaker.

16:00-16:45: Yann Braga – Supercharging app development with Storybook
16:45-17:00: Break
17:00-17:45: Önder Ceylan – Build journeys on the web like in the real world

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