How good are you at Reactive Programming?

Reactive Programming is a different way of building applications. Can you think in a Reactive way? In Reactive September, we got an 4-week challenge for you, in which we will help you strengthen your programming skills.

Davy Engone
Software Engineer at Hackages

The Reactive September Challenge: Build a Timer App

Level up your knowledge with 4 challenges in 4 weeks!

How does it work?

Each challenge will be available every Week.

  • Start the challenge
  • Follow the instructions
  • Get coached each Friday
  • Come back next week
  • Repeat

What is in it for you?

These 4 weeks helps you set a strong foundation of your Reactive Programming knowledge
and challenges you to evaluate where you need to focus on in your learning path.

A New Way Of Learning

Our Test-Driven-Learning experience will challenge you and help you along the way with your learning. Clone the repo, Fix the tests, Push and move on to the next exercise.

Weekly Demo Days

Each Wednesday at 18:30 CET, we will be hosting 1 hour Q&A, so you can ask questions and discover different ways to solve the challenges.

1-2-1 Support On Demand

We setup a private channel on our platform so you can ask question outside of the office hours. Hackages engineers will be there to help.